HOW TO: Save money to vacation

People are different, and all of us to work the way that suits us best.

In fact, I often found that saving money or money budgeting makes me effective. Once I figure out how to make more money or how I can save for example the next summer vacation and I success in it, I start to feel great in all the areas of that days tasks.

These tips may not work for you, but I wanted to share how I do it. I am writing this on the form as I do these when I try to save for a rainy day  or for a holiday trip. Wealthy person is a happy person.

1. Make yourself a piggy bank

Yes. If possible, locked one. The following tips are all those who assist it to fulfill the piggybank. Try to think that these money aren't even yours, and that for they should not be touched. Do not count the money. If you know how much you have money in your piggy bank, you easily start to think about all the things it would do (and would take them out before it's time to.).

Our "pig" is a Pringles jar, which I covered with various cut words and phrases from magazines. It is our vacation piggy bank, which is in the deepest corner of the cabinet, which may be touched only when fed with money or when we're about to leave to a (planned!) Journey.

2. Sell off any excess stuff

All that stuff which you really don't need any more, sell it out. Facebook is full with groups where you can sell your stuff with out paying table fees or anything.

In fact I do it this way: If I haven't needed it for one year, I probably won't need it next year either. I regurally go throught our cabinets for a clean up just to find those things. Not everyone of them at the same time, but like 1 cabinet in 1 month.

If you don't own something very valuable collector's items or furniture that you want to get rid of, you probably won't do that much of money. But! The point is to put all these money to that piggy bank for later time.

When selling goods, remember to keep prices reasonable. Although if it is a situation that you need acutely money, then do not overprice. Then easily no one will buy, and you do not get benefits you need.

I could continue to talk about selling goods for like, forever, but perhaps I will leave it to another time. ;)

3. Compare prices

Every town usually has a number of shops that offer the same (or nearly the same), a service or product, but prices differ enormously.

Our town has 6 different food stores, and this is a relatively small place so there's places to choose. Some of these also have their own bonuscards which you should ask about if you benefit from them (and how much).

We usually use two grocery stores that are really close to each other. It is because they are the cheapest on the basis of what we have compared. So...

Let's say that you have been used to buy all your groceries from shop A. Write down (or take the last time a receipt) and go into shop B. From shop B buy all the products which you can get with a cheaper price. Calculate how much saved. Put the money you piggy bank.

Do the same the other way around.

Clothes Shopping. You have budgeted for your outfit, let's say, $ 20, because you've seen one you like already in a particular store. Visit first in other stores, also from second-hand stores. Search the web. Use all possible ways. Also look to your own wardrobe.

If you find a cheaper outfit, do the math for money in between and put that to piggy bank.

Does that sound crazy? Think it this way; normally you already had been used that money, right? So, you don't loose anything as you put it into savings.

4. Save every day

Would you be able to put 0,10$ on each hours work to saving account? Of course you could. Man makes an average of 8 hours of work per day. Every hour 0,10 $ for five days means 4$. Not very much, does it? But .. It is already 16$ per month and 192$ per year.

How this is easy to accomplish? Put your little money to piglet every day or every day 0.80$, or once a week for 4 $. How ever you want. You save in any case, in this way, at least 192 $. And if your piggy bank is a bank account the money also is rising interest.

5. Be a coupon-man

Search the web services that reward that you buy online. There is many of them, I use the kind that operates in Finland, but all over the world can be found companies that are offering these kinf of services.

By using such a sites for the products you have purchased online, you get part of the money back.

This money will be in your user account, and after a certain amount  you can get them to your own bank account.

I put these money straight to my savings account. I've already saved this money and don't need them so why would I spend it now to something stupid?

6. Take advantage of all benefits cards

It may seem silly that there is a hundred million unique advantage cards in your wallet, but at that point when it will save you a lot of money then you're all smile. ;)

These same tips can also take advantage of the poor financial situation otherwise. So do not put the money to a savings account put use them to your daily bases.

But at that point you might want to think about that, whether it would be time to change something else from your life when the days are constantly counting pennys and eating fingers?

ATTENTION: As I don't want to put these on a book, because I think that everyone should be able to read tips how to improve their lives or how to be more positive ect.. I use a lot of time to write these, and if you think you have been getting help from these, you can give me a little thank you. You can use that "donate" button to do it so I can keep on writing these posts.